Increase quality of experts in the Experts Program

I love the experts program and I think it’s a net positive to Replo.

That said, I feel there are some issues with the current format:

  1. Quality - the examples Experts are posting on Twitter etc are often poor quality. Glitchy movements when using states, inconsistent fonts and font sizes, weird spacing and sizing, just generally bad attention to detail.

  2. Spam - I think a total of 4 or 5 Experts have got in touch directly selling themselves, seeming to not understand that I’m also an Expert.

  3. Because of the above, I feel like the status of being a Replo Expert is degraded somewhat. Ultimately we are all representing Replo as a whole, not just the program.

Random ideas about fixing it:

  1. Stricter differentiation between Experts and Builders. The current test seems fine for Builders. However, Experts are expected by clients to have richer knowledge about marketing, CRO, and design as a whole, and it would be good to see this somehow tested. I personally don’t have an objection to this being a subjective look at 1-2 examples that have been built from scratch.

  2. Enforcement of the difference. Builders need to be Builders on social media, not Experts. 2 different badges might be fun.

  3. Ratings in the directory. Like there are for Builders, but for Experts.

Again, I’m a big fan of the program and think it’s super helpful for clients, and there are definitely high quality Experts. 🫡

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